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About Me

Hello, my name is Laura Halton (CCAB RQF Level 5) and I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners enjoy a strong and positive relationship together. I set up North Surrey Dog Training in 2016, with an aim of helping any owner who has a problem with their dog or wants to further their training, or any prospective owner who is thinking of buying a puppy and the joy that will bring. I am a Certified COAPE Animal Behaviourist (RQF level 5), and I am governed by the code of practice of CAPDT to always use force-free training and to establish and promote EMRA (a technique based on Emotion, Mood and Reinforcement Assessment), during all animal therapy and training. I qualified as an IMDT trainer In October 2022. I own a bouncy Tibetan Terrier at home, who gives my family and I lots of joy and fun and who has been my inspiration to work with dogs and their owners. I also run puppy socialisation classes at Maven vets, North Cheam, for puppies up to 16weeks of age. Here is a link to their website -

Qualifications completed include:

COAPE Award in Canine Health and Welfare 2013

COAPE Level 4 Diploma in The Principles of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training 2015

COAPE Level 5 Diploma in The Practical Application of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training 2016

IMDT 2 Day 'Career as a Dog Trainer' 2015

COAPE - MHERA Qualified 2021

IMDT 4 Day Practical Instructors Course 2021

IMDT Membership Qualification October 2022

Courses include:

The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour conference 2017

Tellington TTouch workshops x2 2018

Victoria Stilwell Academy - Building Your Dog's Confidence 2019

IMDT Impulse Control workshop 2019

Craig Ogilve course - Communication, Arousal and Problematic Behaviours 2019

Absolute Dogs - Sexier than a Squirrel course 2020

Absolute Dogs - "Work with dogs" 14 day challenge 2020

IMDT Happy Recallers workshop 2020

Emergency First Aid course for dogs and other animals 2020

IMDT The Exercises course 2021

The 2022 Dog Behaviour Conference - Victoria Stilwell Academy

IMDT 1 Day Perfect Puppy course 2022

IMDT Learning Theory Explained Webinar 2022

IMDT Preparing Dogs for the Vets Webinar 2022

IMDT Separation anxiety and related disorders webinar 2022

IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation course 2023

IMDT Resource Guarding course 2023

IMDT Working with noise sensitivity and phobias 2024

Pet Business Insurance Policy: I have public liability cover and professional indemnity cover.

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