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Behaviour Consultation

If your dog is having some behavioural problems, such as separation issues, fearfulness, destructiveness, excessive barking, resource guarding, reactivity or self-mutilation, I can work with you to design a realistic treatment programme for your dog to alleviate the problem. I use EMRA, which is a holistic approach, which considers the physical and emotional needs of your dog. This is proven to be effective in reducing the problem behaviour and improving your dog's emotions.

Before I start, as some problem behaviours can be caused by a medical issue, your vet will need to check your dog, after that I can continue helping you through the problems your dog has.


Behavioural consultation visit - 2 hours £145 inc. requesting and reviewing your dogs medical history before the consultation visit and a written report supplied to you and your vet.

Further sessions - 1 hour £50

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