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"Having taken on our dog, we are his 3rd home, he was having anxiety and behavioural issues. We were recommended Laura by a friend who had successfully followed her advice in managing a pet. Immediately Laura’s knowledge and experience shone through and having her explain Stitch’s behaviour helped us feel we understood him more. With Laura’s support and strategies we were able to help Stitch through his anxieties and immediately noticed a difference in his behaviour. We moved onto training to help Stitch hone his manners and he has gone from strength to strength." H & Stitch.

" Laura has been a huge help with training our Yorkshire Terrier, she is professional and knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help us. Each week, Laura would go out of her way to work with us, sometimes spending a little more overtime without any extra cost. She would always be well equipped and bring treats and toys of her own in case we'd forgotten ours. Laura is passionate and enthusiastic which helped us all enjoy the process of training George as much as possible. George isn't too fond of strangers, but with Laura's confidence, knowledge and understanding of rescue dogs, George quickly took to Laura and welcomed her with open paws on just her second visit.

We would 100% recommend Laura to anyone wanting to train their pooch of any age!"  T & George

" We thought Laura was a brilliant dog trainer and she helped us through the early stages of training our Labrador puppy Jasper. We went through skills such as 'leave it' and 'stay' in the house and most importantly, how to train Jasper to walk to heel on his walks. Jasper is brilliant on his walks now with very little pulling and Laura helped us achieve this! Most importantly, Laura spoke  through queries and concerns that we had with Jasper and she helped us to feel confident that we were training and looking after Jasper correctly. We couldn't recommend Laura enough and we both thoroughly enjoyed our puppy training sessions" M & K & Jasper

"We recently welcomed a 14 month old Sarplaninac female into our lives having never owned a dog before.  Despite knowing that the breed are generally quite laid back, we wanted to make sure that we established good behaviour from Cwtch early on.  We contacted Laura at North Surrey Dog Training and booked the 4 session Puppy Training package.  We greatly appreciated the fact that we could book sessions at times that suited us - including evening and weekends.  
Within the first few minutes of our first session, Laura had managed to dispel any nerves we had of being new to dog ownership and we finished that session with genuine confidence that we could indeed train Cwtch and have a well behaved dog.  With the simple commands of ’sit’, ’stay’, leave it’ being mastered very quickly in the comfort of our own home, it was then wonderful to have a session at Nonsuch Park where we were able to work on her focus and recall with the safety of a long lead.
The aim was to have a well-trained and well-behaved dog (which we achieved with great ease!); but having now finished the 4 sessions with Laura, the one thing we’ve come away with more than anything is just how much more confident we feel as dog owners.  
We cannot recommend Laura highly enough.  She obviously has a passion for dogs, is a master trainer and can very obviously understand dog psychology and body language in a way that we can only dream of! Thanks to her, we are no longer nervous about getting it right or wrong with Cwtch, we just have a positive relationship with her and can’t wait for the years of happiness we know she’s going to give us".

D & K & Cwtch

'Laura came to see my miniature dachshund Jasper and I as he was struggling with visitors coming to the house, Laura taught us different techniques to help him become more comfortable and focus less on the visitor and more on us. He now is much calmer and more comfortable around visitors and we better understand his body language and have different tools to help us and him be happy around different people. I would, and have, recommended Laura to friends who want some help with their dogs. Thanks you Laura!'

S & Jasper

We did the puppy course with Laura and I cannot recommend highly enough. She gave us lots of great ideas, information and practical tips which we would never have found otherwise. Her approach was very calm but enthusiastic which meant that our puppy responded to everything she suggested. It was the perfect introduction to training. E & Ralph

" We were recommended Laura by Mavern Vets in North Cheam. We wanted Bentley to have experienced support and training, to iron out those little puppy habits and to give us confidence to carry on his training once the lessons had finished. Laura shared her knowledge and gave her full support during and outside lesson time. The advice sheets also helped us to remember some of the instructions we had learnt during the lesson. Bentley enjoyed Laura's visits and has grown into a well behaved, lovable family pet. I would recommend Laura without hesitation to anyone starting their puppy journey!" C & Bentley

"Laura has been a brilliant help for both myself and my dog Basil. The training has been fun and easy to follow and Laura always follows up with a summary of each session, which I can check when needed.

Basil has responded very well, being a much calmer, happier dog, now knowing many commands and his behaviour problems much improved.

We couldn't of done without Laura's knowledge and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her skills." C & Basil

"We found Laura’s puppy training classes very helpful as much for us as it was for our puppy. She has an expert insight and knowledge of dogs and how to give them clear training and instruction in the all-important areas of their behaviour and development. As our first dog we were a little unsure of how to approach training Bob but with Laura’s help we now have a much clearer idea of how to go about this. Her friendly and patient approach was just what we needed and he has responded very well. We now have a clear picture of how to train Bob and go about managing our relationship with him on a day-to-day basis. The sessions were both useful and enjoyable and we would certainly recommend Laura to anyone without hesitation". M & L & Bob

"Laura planned all the training for Wilson in a constructive and timely manner. Starting with simple tasks and building on them over the weeks.  Laura is very personable and Wilson loved having his sessions with her. She spoke in clear speech and always encouraged us to practice what we had learnt.  Laura brought dog common sense to the sessions and she really knows what makes dog’s tick.  There wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer with helpful hints and tips for being a good dog owner.

We are certainly building on her dog strategies to help us and Wilson cement and enjoy our relationship". P & A & Wilson

"Laura was recommended to us by Maven Vets to help with behavioural issues we were experiencing with our two sibling cats, Phoebe and Milo.

After living together with no issues for 15 months, Phoebe started becoming very aggressive towards Milo and was attacking him and blocking the cat flap when he was outside, resulting in Milo becoming scared and Phoebe being agitated a lot of the time. Things were becoming very stressful and the thought of having to re-home one of the cats was heartbreaking.

Laura visited us at home and was able to give expert advice on some changes we could make with feeding, positioning of litter boxes, cat trees etc and reasons why the behaviour could be happening.  With some minor adjustments, close monitoring of Phoebe's behaviour and using distraction techniques, things have improved massively and there have been no more attacks on Milo.

We can't thank Laura enough for her help and would highly recommend her".


C & Phoebe and Milo

'Laura has helped us immensely with our Jack Russell Tilly, who was only 3months old when we got her from Battersea.

I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for help with their dogs.'

J & Tilly

Laura, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with 'Boo' our Rescue Staffie who was suffering from Separation anxiety. 

Your knowledge and experience has helped us and Boo to overcome these issues, and Boo is now happy and settled in her new home. 

We continue to use the training and tips given to us daily by yourself and will continue for as long as Boo needs them.

Once again Thank you for your advice and patience. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other dog owners.

F & D & Boo

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